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Entrepreneurs Everywhere: Flex Your Side Hustle Muscle

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

5 Tips for building your side hustle

Most people want to achieve the highest level of financial success and personal satisfaction in their career. And to do that, you must behave like an entrepreneur. Believe it or not, everyone has an entrepreneur in them. It’s only a matter of bringing it out.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur has less to do with crafting a perfect business plan and more to do with what you are willing to do to achieve your goals. This article highlights 5 ways to start building your Entrepreneurial Empire and turn your dream into reality.

1. Take the leap to start your small business today

The fear of starting your own business is an obstacle that every aspiring entrepreneur will face. You fear that your business won’t make you enough money, that your product won’t sell well, or you’re afraid of the work it requires. But if you want to live the rest of your life doing what you love then you must change your attitude about failure. Remember, failing means you are one step closer to your success.

Get a mentor to find out how you can prepare yourself and build self-confidence to achieve success in business. Contact someone who has been in the field to gather more information or ask for advice. Consult an expert to understand the market and develop your marketing strategy to take your business to next level.

2. Utilize your cheerleaders

Your friends and family can be your greatest asset. Ask your popular friend on Instagram to give your business page a shout out or tag you in a post highlighting your service. Ask your aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandmothers to exhibit your marketing materials or product to get more exposure and build your popularity in the industry.

3. Use social media to promote your small business

If you think your access to limited manpower and funds has been holding you back from marketing your brand then you should definitely use the power of social media to promote your business. Social media marketing is a powerful tool for any types of business to reach prospects and build a loyal following. On social media, you can directly interact with your customers and work on building a relationship. Your customers will always give you honest feedback and help you to improve your product. Choose a platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Reddit to promote your small business.

4. Educate your customers about your brand

Branding your business can be really challenging. Carving out a niche in the industry cannot happen overnight. You need to come up with a cohesive plan that emphasizes your specialty and sets you apart from your competition.

Branding is all about building an identity for your company. So take every opportunity to educate your customers about your product or service. Tell the world about your amazing work. Take photographs and post it on your Facebook page or broadcast live videos on social media to attract new customers and enlarge your market share.

5. Invest in yourself

Most entrepreneurs want to expand their footprint and take their businesses to the next level. But they make the mistake of not investing in themselves. Think about it this way, if you are not willing to invest in yourself, why should anyone invest anything in you? Start investing in yourself today by getting a coach, a mentor, consulting a market expert, or taking classes. As human beings, you tend to defend your beliefs or only choose the data that reinforces what you think and ignore the data that does not. But to excel in this entrepreneurial it’s important to reflect and revise your model, your approach and your mindset regularly.

It’s time to unleash your inner Entrepreneur!

Use your instincts to add value to our society, leverage your creativity, to turn your ideas into reality. As long as you focus on the long-term success, learn from your failure, listen to others’, and continue to adapt you can carve out a place for yourself as a flourishing entrepreneur in your industry.


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