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Product Page

The Electronic Profile Information Center (EPIC)
system developed by Wiley Publishing and offered
through Alex Love Consulting. It is a user-friendly and
powerful system that lets you take complete control
and manage all of your Wiley Publishing online
training products. The EPIC system was developed to
allow you to send online codes, print and edit and
save the resulting reports. It is a cost effective option
to hiring outside consultants.

The EPIC system gives you the power and flexibility to:

  • Effectively manage your electronic profile warehouse
  • Deliver multi-lingual assessments to clients around the world
  • Easily allow access to Wiley Publishing Online profiles and control when the Respondent viewsthe online report
  • Personalize the Report Output and the Respondent landing page with your logo and company information

Training on how to use the EPIC system:
1-hour complimentary consulting time and access to
all online EPIC tutorials and guidebook.

EPIC Self Service Portal (45 Epic Credits)

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