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Program is over

7-Day Digital Product Challenge

Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Stuck in a rut creating your latest digital product? Is that course idea stuck in your unfinished dreams pile? Whether you’re preparing to create your first product or your fifteenth, when you stop to consider all the decisions that have to be made and all the elements that go into a good product, you can easily get overwhelmed. You have to know what your product is about, but you also have to determine: • Format • Pricing • Audience needs/wants • Marketing • Bonuses And that’s all before you get to the creation process. You can make it easier on yourself by following a step-by-step system. If you're ready for the push to turn your idea into income - Then this is the challenge for you! Commit the next 7 days to organizing and creating your passive income product. Together we will: • Identify your market - Who are they? What do they want and need? What are they willing to pay for? Which formats work best? • Determine your MVP (minimum viable product) • Outline your plan, including any add-ons and bonuses you’ll offer When you break a large project down into smaller, more manageable steps all that’s left is to connect the dots and create your product.

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